We Are The Captain Now
Dogecoin Silver is a decentralized digital currency

 Inspired by Dogecoin 

Dogecoin Silver seeks to expand and improve upon the idea of Dogecoin by providing better tokenomics and operability. Dogecoin Silver is an ERC20 Token with a finite supply, providing interoperability with decentralized applications on the Ethereum Network and acts as a superior storage of wealth to Dogecoin.
Through the $DOGES community, Dogecoin Silver will see the moon, and go far beyond!

Finite Supply

Dogecoin Silver has a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, the same as Dogecoin’s original token count. Unlike Dogecoin, no more can ever be created. This is a superior functionality to Dogecoin, which is a constantly inflating asset. To date, over 40 billion Dogecoin have been added to circulation. Dogecoin Silver will never see another $DOGES in circulation post-launch.

Ethereum Network Built & Compatible

Dogecoin Silver is an ERC20 Token, secured by millions of computers worldwide on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows it interoperability with decentralized applications on the blockchain, without the necessity for bridging or wrapping that Dogecoin would require. This makes Dogecoin Silver a superior long term investment as utility and operability can be developed around it

Superior Wealth Storage & Transfer

Dogecoin is a constantly inflating asset, decreasing the value of each Dogecoin over time. Dogecoin Silver is a finite asset, meaning an individual Dogecoin Silver will not lose value to newly developed tokens, allowing it to act as a superior store of wealth to Dogecoin. Dogecoin Silver can also act as a fully functional transfer of value, and can be transferred in fractional amounts (up to 18 decimals), allowing it to be used for microtransactions.

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